Juan Pedro Cuenca Fernández

International Tax Advisor

More than twenty years’ experience in tax advisory to Business and self-employed from my position in AEAT and private office. Counseling expatriate executive employees in numerous countries from three different continents. Expert in the Spanish and North American tax systems as well as the application of double taxation agreements and the implementation of OCDE /BEPS.
Member of the “Spanish Association of Financial Law” and the “International Fiscal Association (IFA)”.

Degree in Law (University of Alcala) Master’s Degree in Tax Counseling (CEF). Active participant in training sessions related to this field such as ADIT conference 2019 Conference in London or International Tax Conference of CIOT in London. Always attentive to the latest news affecting our area committed to the customer assistance and personalized advisory.

Edition of the Master’s Degree on Taxation by Formaselect. Teacher in IMF, Telecyl Group and Alares Group.

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“If you think about it, make up your mind. If you already decided, stop thinking about it”.

Rafael Felipe García

Economist and Tax Advisor


I have developed my professional career from different positions – advisory, office and business- where I have acquired a global vision about businesses taxation and individuals as well. I am aware of the importance of having a multi-perspective vie won every aspect related that affect everyday life of our customer’s activities as well as their relations in the business and personal fields – mercantile, civil and economic- and my purpose is to provide an integral solution to customer’s advisory and structural financing needs.

My previous stage as head of the tax area of a business group with strong presence in real-state, tourism and energy fields, I was co-responsible for the implementation and continuous improvement of the Immediate Supply of Information System (SII), as well as the application of the main special tax regimes (REDEME, tax consolidation, REGE, business restructuring), as well as advisory in multiple real-state and corporate operations.

In my everyday work I provide our customers counseling and support to comply with their tax obligations and to optimize their structural financing, using every resources that our Tax provides. I am also legal representative before several Administration offices (National, regional and local) as well as all kind of tax procedures (tax collection management and inspection) including contestation of acts that may damage our customer’s interest, after deep study of each individual case.

As my personal brand, which all my colleagues at Ik share, I emphasize the personal and profesional treatment that we strive to provide and improve every day as well as our high commitment to the customer. This is the reason and being of Ikigai Tax.


Degree in Law (University of Alcalá).
Degree in Business Administration and Management (University of Alcalá).
Master’s Degree in Taxation and Tax Advice (Centre for Financial Studies (CEF).
Master’s Degree in Financial and Economic Management (CEF).
Master’s Degree in Legal Practice (UNED).

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“If you want to climb, you may have to build your own ladder”

Jesús Garzón Cambronero

Tax Advisor

I have extensive experience in the field of the company, going through different departments of important multinationals until I focus on the Tax field. I provide comprehensive advice to the client for the start-up of new business projects.

I assist our clients in tax and financial advice in the field of the company, self-employed and individuals, with a joint vision of their tax obligations and the consequences of their business and personal decisions. Based on a study of their circumstances, I propose the solutions that best suit the needs of our clients. I provide assistance in all types of tax procedures, including recourse, before all Administrations: local, regional and state.

My hallmark is the personal treatment and personalized attention, which every client needs so that they feel cared for, clothed and supported at any time.



Master’s Degree in Taxation and Tax Advice – Center for Financial Studies.
Specialization Course in Tax Consulting – Business and Management School.
BA (Hons) Bachelor in Business Administration (Management) – Staffordshire University (UK).
Master’s Degree in General Management – Business School.
Degree in Business Management, Marketing and Public Relations – Business School.

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“Seeing something once is better than hearing about it a hundred times.”

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